Hello lovely people and thank you for stumbling upon my blog. I send lots of well wishes and hope you enjoy your time here..


.. A brief intro, so I started this blog to help me process my own awakenings. One thing is for sure; I will forever be a spiritual student to this beautifully chaotic life. By sharing aspects I sincerely hope it can help even just one person as well as myself. 🌻


Here's a small snippet from my first post!✨

Chapter 1: My search for words

Before I can begin to delve into the realm of blogging, I feel it’s only appropriate to start by exploring my journey with words. For me personally I have slightly struggled with reading but pushed through, my young self felt I just needed to work more to keep up with my peers, within my own family we knew no different and if anything they saw me to be highly adaptive (no pressure) and so I was left to it. Blessing and a curse in its own way as well I’ve achieved things they said I would never be able to do but at a painful cost, though that has given me plenty of perseverance and resilience practice…

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