Sun, moon & rising sign… Astrology & Karma

Hey lovely people I hope you’re good! It’s been a year since this whole blog started. What a year indeed!

One thing that has become more apparent for me in this time is the power of astrology or karma. So much information and knowledge all around for you to decode. It does however pose the question of whether or not to know is helpful? 🤔

Either way what will be, will be. Would knowing help you prepare and grow as seamlessly as possible. Or the unknown bring out the authentic side to truly know what lessons need to be learnt? 🤷🏽‍♀️

Now I’ll admit I don’t know everything about birth charts, astrology etc but what I have found is, more insight about my life from the little information I’ve been lucky enough to come across than what I’ve learnt through living my life. 😂 I guess this is due to the more zoomed out approach that occurs with fate or coincidences.

Knowledge without action means very little. Yet also knowing when to act is just as vital.

You see collective consciousness affects our subconscious differently due to our karma etc, which is then filtered through our own neurodiversity or individual conscience. This can develop through evolution responses from lifestyle/stress/genetics/ etc resulting in elaborate sensory systems and adaptations. To balance and harmonise is trial and error, spiritual practices such as yoga and prayers etc can act as a sounding board for guidance. Neural plasticity is key to the 8th step of spirituality/chakras, returning to the collective consciousness. And so the circle is complete.

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