Hey there and welcome to my blog.

Through my neurodiverse mind I’ll discuss a few insights all to do with life, science & mindfulness (yoga/meditation).

A little intro to why this blog began…

Covid-19 started a whole journey of awareness not only for everyone as a collective but also on an individual basis. Instead of becoming a complete recluse, a blog was recommended to help me process everything.

I’d been experiencing signs of autism burnout for a while and it all caught up around the start of Covid-19. Without knowing what it was and why my body and mind were functioning the way it did made me feel very lost and alone. Especially with the huge pressure to ‘keep up.’ A relief and weight were lifted when I found out about the possibility, but it’s taken a while to reach a place to be ready for the official diagnosis, (which happened in March 2021). I’m sure I’m not the only one to have felt like this (autism or not), yet through sharing tips, tools and insight into how I’ve managed to maintain balance amongst the chaos can hopefully be of help to someone.

Music is life in my eyes. The way it can shift energy, the wonderous effects on the body are something I do need to write about in a chapter very soon.

Meet Hazel Rose 🌹

I hope you enjoy the chapters and if there is anything in particular you’d like me to write about feel free to comment. One thing that’s helped me is hearing about other people’s journeys for inspiration. I do hope to return the favour to at least one person.

So, for now, I hope you enjoy.

Photo by Pok Rie on Pexels.com

Chapter 5: Wonders of life

The story of humanity is quite fascinating, understanding where we come from and how we have evolved gives us so much insight into how to overcome ourselves (enlightenment/transcendence etc). The 5 initial elements created from the Big Bang: Ether (or space as it’s more commonly known; the medium in which all wavelengths travel/where the insightContinue reading “Chapter 5: Wonders of life”

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