Chapter 1: My search for words

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Before I can begin to delve into the realm of blogging, I feel it’s only appropriate to start by exploring my journey with words. For me personally I have slightly struggled with reading but pushed through, my young self felt I just needed to work more to keep up with my peers, within my own family we knew no different and if anything they saw me to be highly adaptive (no pressure) and so I was left to it. Blessing and a curse in its own way as well I’ve achieved things they said I would never be able to do but at a painful cost, though that has given me plenty of perseverance and resilience practice.

Nonetheless it hasn’t stopped me from researching authors online, watching talks about the books and buying the ones that resonate. Sometimes this can be a good 5/6 exploring different aspects of the authors knowledge. Realistically, deep down I know I’ll never get round to reading every book I own. Instead, I use them as my guidance, after all ‘their’ words spoke to me and thus have ended up in my presence. When I get a feeling I’ll ponder my bookshelf and reach for any that ‘stand out’, leaving them on my dining table over the next few days, weeks, months or until I feel the need to change them over. Again, generally when all is quiet, I’ll be drawn to a book and with my eyes closed I’ll run my fingers across all the pages once and on the second time I’ll stop randomly. Sometimes though I can not wait and will just open the book anywhere. The passage I read, well until my focus drains, usually a chapter or if I’m feeling very brave maybe even 2/3, is often so relevant. One may say all can be interpreted to fit ones life, however, even more curiously the ones that seem unrelevant tend to find their way into the near future in an almost completely transformative way. Now that’s a whole another post about thought, Einstein’s spacetime relativity and so much more.

Back to this story, so this past month I’ve had about 6 books on my dining table and one of them being Oliver Sacks ‘The river of consciousness’ (Slightly obsessed with all of his work, there will be more posts to come about Oliver Sacks 💛 and I could not recommend this book more!!). The chapter I read last week ‘the creative self’ addressed all the fears and anxieties I never knew I had about blogging and what has probably stopped me for years even though I’ve so been curious. Well after that, starting a blog was moved higher up on my priority list and so now we meet here. It’s taken some rambles to get to the final point (I’ll attempt to become slightly more concise as I get better at all this, so thank you for bearing with me) which is the discussion on ‘mimicry’ verses imitation, echoing and mirroring. He writes about people’s accounts over time where thoughts have unconsciously reproduced themselves in different individuals. So I REALLY want to highlight that all my words have been inspired by everything and I will do my very best to quote and reference all the wonderful minds and work that have helped me gain my insight but please forgive me if I slip up. I genuinely believe my words and thoughts all come from the collective consciousness movement and that no idea is ‘new’ (back to Einsteins’ spacetime relativity theory). The post about ‘what is thought’, ‘where/when did it start’, ‘where does it go’, ‘autonomous patterns of the universe’ including spontaneous synaptic activity (talking about the connecting space between nerve cells) all will be very exciting to write about.

Also, more importantly I feel from understanding each other better we can help stop the injustices from people to planet. MY mission is for EVERYONE to accept, understand and embrace each other’s differences so that the concluding lessons in ‘talking to strangers’ by Malcom Gladwell can be PRACTICED EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME. HUMANITY needs elevating and only together can we do this. Collective consciousness, now there are many theories and I’ve seen this written in numerous places but I’m simply talking of the great power of ALL our minds coming together for a common goal. Dedicated to Breonna Taylor. Arresting the officers, retraining and rebuilding all institutions from the complete foundations (academic, medical, political, economical etc) using mindfulness techniques to unify our global community and thus achieving/maintaining symbiosis. I am honored to be human and to experience the wondrous effects of our adaptive brains, thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Until next time my friend, take care 💛

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