Chapter 4: A Visionary Mind

How exactly does my mind work? I recall a psychology lesson where we had to fill out a questionnaire and before I answered this certain question the teacher insisted I read all the answers first. Visual, audio, kinetic or visionary the combination of all of the above. Well, I work in visionary/movie like mode which… Continue reading Chapter 4: A Visionary Mind

Chapter 3: Science, Spectrum and Spirituality

————Maths taught me that nature works in patterns; one could spend lifetimes trying to establish all the complex equations of the universe only to conclude that nature’s order can not be meddled with without great consequential effects. Biology taught me that we are more microbiome compared to human biome; so being symbiotic with the diversity… Continue reading Chapter 3: Science, Spectrum and Spirituality

Chapter 2: Awakenings

There have been so many fascinating tales of ‘awakenings’ in so many lives that have inspired me amongst many others. Before we continue to explore all the things that fascinate my mind from the first post I should explain more about myself. “Ask not what disease the person has, but rather what person the disease… Continue reading Chapter 2: Awakenings

Chapter 1: My Search for Words

Before I can begin to delve into the realm of blogging, I feel it’s only appropriate to start by exploring my journey with words. For me personally I have slightly struggled with reading but pushed through, my young self felt I just needed to work more to keep up with my peers, within my own… Continue reading Chapter 1: My Search for Words